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Prospective Students

Welcome future Horned Frogs!

The Department of Environmental Sciences offers a variety of opportunities for students seeking either undergraduate or graduate degrees in the environmental sciences. Our faculty teach a wide diversity of courses and perform research in different facets of the environmental sciences. Our mission is to seek interdisciplinary and integrative approaches to define and solve the problems confronting society through excellence in environmental education and research.

As faculty, we are committed to providing students with cutting-edge information, unique learning experiences, and quality instruction to understand basic earth and environmental processes. We hire top-notch faculty to teach the skills necessary for our students to manage natural and environmental resources and to meet a range of human needs not only at the local level but globally as well. We are widely recognized as a leader in innovative and effective environmental education, and our graduates have an outstanding reputation as stewards of the environment.

Degrees, minors, and certificates offered:

Environmental Science Degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Environmental Management


  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Science

Each minor requires 18 hours of coursework as specified by the department.


  • Sustainability – for those looking at water, energy, and natural resource management
  • Environmental Management – for those seeking an environmental consulting or compliance-centered career
  • Water Science – for those interested in surface water quality, hydrology, groundwater, and wetlands
  • Wildlife Management – for those interested in wildlife management and conservation
  • Geographic Information Systems – for those interested in spatial data management
  • Geoscience Fundamentals – for those interested in pursuing professional geoscientist licensure

Each certificate is obtained by completing 12 hours of coursework from a list of approved courses, plus one hour of presentations for a total of 13 hours.