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Dr. Michael C. Slattery

Michael Slattery
Professor and Chair, Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies Direct: 817.257.7506
B.A. Hons University of the Witwatersrand, 1989 Geography M.Sc. University of Toronto, 1990 Geography D.Phil. University of Oxford, 1994 Geography and the Environment
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Research and Teaching Interests

In addition to being Chair of the department, I am also Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies. I have a broad range of research interests but focus primarily on fluvial systems, particularly human impact to coastal plain rivers and sediment pathways. In 2007, I testified before the U.S. Congress on mercury contamination from coal-fired power plants and I serve on the editorial boards of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers and AIMS Energy. I was the lead scientist on the TCU-Nextera Energy Resources Wind Research Initiative, a multi-year, $5 million research grant focused on the environmental, socioeconomic, and carbon impacts of building large-scale wind farms in the U.S. I have worked in diverse landscapes ranging from the Namib Desert in southern Africa to the cloud forests of Costa Rica where, in 2008, we established a research station near Monteverde. I have also led several biodiversity and conservation programs in Costa Rica (e.g. the Green Macaw Protection Initiative) and in South Africa (e.g. the TCU Rhino Initiative). I have written more than 80 scientific articles and published four editions of Contemporary Environmental Issues.

I teach a freshman course on environmental issues and upper-level courses on soils, hydrology, geomorphology, and climate, as follows:

Every semester:ENSC 10143 – Contemporary Environmental Issues

Falleven:ENSC 50403 – Rivers in the Landscape

Spring odd:GEOL 30113 – Weather and Climate

Fall odd:ENSC 50493 – Physical Hydrology

Spring even:GEOL 40493 – Geomorphology

Every summer: ENSC 30313/60313 – Environmental Issues in Costa Rica (WEM); ENSC 40603/60603 – South Africa Biodiversity and Human Development (Part 1; Global Awareness)

You may download my C.V. by clicking Slatterycv.

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