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Dr. Rhiannon G. Mayne

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Associate Professor, Oscar and Juanita Monnig Endowed Chair of Meteoritics and Planetary Science Direct: 817.257.4172
B.Sc. Honors Edinburgh University, 2002 Geology Ph.D. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2008 Geology

Research and Teaching Interests

I am the Curator of the Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection. This is one of the world’s largest university-based meteorite collections, which also includes a world-class museum, the Monnig Meteorite Gallery. Its presence at TCU offers both my undergraduate and graduate students unique opportunities in research, curation, and public outreach. I have been a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) for much of time here at TCU. In 2010, I was a member of the Antarctic Search for Meteorites field team, spending 2 months in Antarctica collecting meteorites whilst trying to stay warm.

My research explores the processes that occurred during the early history of our Solar System, with a primary focus on understanding the formation of differentiated bodies (those with a core, mantle, crust structure). My students and I primarily study the mineralogy, geochemistry, and spectra of asteroidal meteorites to gather information about planetary formation and Solar System evolution. More information can be found here.

My position here at TCU is somewhat unique, and has natural links to many departments and, as such, my classes cover a wide range of topics. I am on sabbatical this Fall (2018) and am developing new courses so watch this space for the updated list before the Spring semester begins!